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July 9 2006
Wow that "few days" was longer than I thought. In case you missed it, you can find the sequel to my Christmas fic up in the AU section. Also, if you happen to be a fan of Harry Potter or Degrassi, I've set up a page for the few I have written for those fandoms.  Summarys and ratings can also now be found by the story titles. I'm working on new fic, a very different fic. So keep an eye out. I may have a sneak peek into posted sometime. Thanks for reading! :)
March 7th 2006
"'Tis the Season" is up now. I have a new section, Alternate Universe, since I'm starting to get into that genre. I should have a sequel to "'Tis the Season" up in a few days. It's a New Years fic, but I wasn't able to finish it until recently--real life and all. So, if you are for some reason in the Christmas spirit, go enjoy a little AU. Take care!
December 14th 2005
"Night into a Glass" is up!! So, if you missed any of the chapters, never fear. I'll probably do some more clean up duty and sorting later on this week, but this will do for now. Oh, I also nixed the tagboard. Some spammers (or something) was leaving messages. Nothing offensive, just confusing and a waste of space. I'll have a guestbook up later on tonight. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
November 11th 2005
Wow. Long time no update. Sorry to say, but I didn't really update this time around. I'm going to go about my collage section in a different way, but it will be a while before I can focus on it. Therefore, I took down all of the collages, but they'll back when I get the chance.
Also, "Night into a Glass" is almost finished. I am finishing the last chapter as speak and then all we have to do is get 'er beta'd. It will no be posted here for a few weeks, but keep an eye out because it will be floating around in mailing lists and pretty soon Ephemeral. Thanks for the patience (for those who have any idea what I am talking about).
Take care,
August 28th 2005
New fic banner. A few new dustjackets. Look at me all making progress and stuff. ;)
August 27th 2005
I've been redecorating. Not much, though. I decided to kill all dustjackets for my smaller stories and just keep them for the long ones. Also, I gave each fic its own page, along with a link to plain text format--just in case. I am in the process of remaking a couple of my dustjackets and I plan to make a new banner for my fanfiction page. One of these days I plan to add some more stories to Sara's page, too. So expect only a few more changes in the next couple of days. And just so you know, 'Night into a Glass' is an existing story and I hope to finish it within the next month. Oh, and check out the new "About Me" page. I decided I should be a little more mysterious, so I ditched the picture and kind chopped and cut and pasted some little questionaires I have filled out elsewhere. Tell me what you think. I plan to add a links page one of these days, too. Check back soon!
July 11th 2005
For the last few weeks I have thought about the fact that maybe my first few not-so-good stories have been causing people to think that all of my stories are that . . . I don't want to say bad, but, um, not-so-good? Anyway, I moved them to The Vault. I figure it's only fair to show that most every fic writer has a rocky start, so it is for that reason I kept them on my site. I just moved them so they wouldn't distract people. Mm-hmm. I'll have a banner for that page some time (just like I said I would have a dustjacket for "No Ifs, Ands or Bees" <g>). More updates soon, though. You can count on it!
June 25, 2005
I thumbnailed (is that a word?) my collages. I don't know if I like them that way or not. We'll see how I feel about it in a few days. My latest fic (yes, the muse--if that's her REAL name--finally let me write) "No Ifs, Ands or Bees" has a link on my fanfic page. I'll have a dustjacket for it in a few days. Maybe. "Night into a Glass" is coming along nicely as well, so I should be sending out parts to it in the next month or so. As long as my muse doesn't take a summer vacation, anyway. Take care, all, and enjoy!
June 1, 2005
Added some collages to the collage pages. Nope, no new stories yet. I know, I know . . . Don't blame me. My muse is a slacker. They're getting there though! Expect two or three in the next month or so.
April 24, 2005
I added a link to Sara's incredible *NEW* website on her page. Go ahead, take a peek. I added some artwork to both art pages, so if the spirit moves you, mosey on over there. That's all for now!
April 7, 2005
A new page! I added an 'other' art page to post collages I have made that are not XF related. That is all for now. RL is dragging me down and making me unable to finish my fics at this time, but as soon as everything calms down I will get those babies finished and out to you all. Once again, thanks to all of you who have visited and enjoyed my site. Especially those who tell me about it. :) Take care!
March 20, 2005
Alright, we have a banner now. I also threw together a dustjacket for 'Sleeping with the Enemy' finally. It is a little blah, but the text link was starting to annoy me so I had to do something. Now if I could only get going on my fics . . .