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Title: Observations from the Outer Office
                                    Author: KimK
                                    Rating: PG for the 'h' word.
                                    Keywords: MSR, Third Person POV
                                    Spoilers: None
                                    Time Line: I had Season Six in mind while writing this, but it
                                    really can take place whenever.
                                    Summary: Kim Cook makes some observations on the Mulder and
                                    Scully relationship.
                                    Archive: Wherever, just let me know about it and keep it as it
                                    Feedback: That would be nice. Please. I ain't too proud to beg,
                                    but I would rather it not come to that.
                                    Disclaimer: Ah yes, the disclaimer . . . the bane of my
                                    existence. If you must know these characters and the basic plot
                                    line are not mine and never will be. Chris Carter and the gang
                                    are responsible for this stroke of genius; I just like to have my
                                    way with his creation sometimes. Don't sue, I'm filthy poor.
                                    Thank You: Sara Bowen, my beta and friend in whom I have way too
                                    much in common with and yet have never met. She does a fantastic
                                    job in fixing my thoughtless mistakes. Thanks goes to the readers
                                    as well and your generous feedback. <g>
                                    Author's Notes: So, I actually wrote out this scene a while back
                                    to stick in a long fic, but as I was sitting in U.S. History, I
                                    thought that I would write just a short third person POV using my
                                    little scene. Kim isn't a character that was ever explored on the
                                    show, so I kinda got to have my way with her, as brief as it was.
                                    She strikes me as a harmless busy body and a romantic. Aside from
                                    what little I already had jotted down, I wrote this in about
                                    fifteen minutes. Enjoy this little fic and don't hesitate to tell
                                    me what you think! Really, don't!
                                    I see Agents Mulder and Scully exit AD Skinner's office after a
                                    'good days' brief. I rarely know what goes on in that office but
                                    today it seems as though not much went on at all. As usual I
                                    watch askance as Mulder gingerly leads Scully to the hallway, his
                                    hand resting tenderly on her lower back.
                                    I've watched them for years like this. I feign being busy each
                                    time they leave that office, but I always sneak a glance. Seeing
                                    it isn't necessary, the feelings and tension that trail behind
                                    them whenever they are in a room together are palpable.
                                    I watch as they wrap up their conversation outside the picture
                                    window, their bodies framed. Mulder has this lopsided grin on his
                                    face and Scully's eyebrow is raised. They've stopped talking and
                                    are just staring at each other in amusement. Mulder says
                                    something quickly, causing Scully to smile and, from what I can
                                    tell, laugh. What he said, I don't know, but what a sight.
                                    Mulder is attractive, not necessarily my type, but nonetheless
                                    good looking. I've seen the company he has kept as far as women,
                                    although it has been some time. Dana isn't his type. Or at least
                                    she used to not be. Maybe she is now? Maybe he never knew what
                                    his type was, just thought he would follow the obvious. I don't
                                    think his heart has ever been involved as much as it is now. Or
                                    his trust.
                                    I smile as Mulder brushes his finger across Scully's cheek, it is
                                    quick and missed by all others, but not me. They're so intimate
                                    in a way I could never imagine. So in tune with one another it is
                                    mind boggling. He pats her arm as a sign to continue down to
                                    their office and she complies.
                                    To have something like that is rare and beautiful. Deep down I
                                    yearn for such a connection with a man.
                                    My thoughts are so fixed on them that I almost miss the booming
                                    voice of my boss.
                                    "Kimberly, could you please . . . Kim? Miss Cook."
                                    I tear my eyes away from the receding pair, bringing my eyes to
                                    AD Skinner's. "They are in for one hell of an awakening," I say
                                    simply and without much thought.
                                    Skinner's eyebrows bunch together in confusion. "Excuse me?"
                                    I smile, close-mouthed, drifting my eyes to the window. They have
                                    left, but who else would I be referring to? He picks up on who it
                                    is I am talking about, but not what it is.
                                    "Never mind, Sir. I shouldn't have said anything and I'm sure you
                                    wouldn't be interested anyway. I'm not even so sure it is
                                    something I should - "
                                    "Spill it, Kimberly."
                                    I release a wistful sigh. "Isn't it obvious? They've fallen in
                                    love with one another. I'm just not so sure they know it yet." I
                                    grin, satisfied with having told Skinner the obvious. "I'm sorry,
                                    Sir, what was it you needed?"
                                    If I am not mistaken, he has a hint of smile on his face. He sees
                                    it too. Feels it. Yearns for it. He shakes himself from his
                                    silent reverie.
                                    "I'll, uh, take care of it." He turns back to his office,
                                    shutting the door behind him.
                                    I turn my attention back to the window as if they are still
                                    standing there. Their phantom figures reenact my last
                                    I shake my head with a smile and return back to work. They know.
                                    The real revelation will come when they finally admit it to one
                                    The End
                                    Author's Notes: I know this closely resembles (mostly in title) Lara
                                    Means' The View from the Outer Office Series, but I wrote this
                                    long before I knew her series existed.  And with that thought,
                                    tell me what you thought. Love.