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                                    Author: KimK
                                    Category: XRA       
                                    Keywords: MSR
                                    References: Emily, Memento Mori and snippets from earlier
                                    episodes. I suggest that you be pretty familiar with the show
                                    up to mid-season five. 
                                    Time Line: A few months after Emily. 
                                    Rating: R -for adult themes and situations.
                                    Feedback: I ain't too proud to beg, but I'd rather it not come
                                    to that-- or
                                    Website: Read my other stories at
                                    Disclaimer: Alas, the characters of The X-Files do not belong
                                    to me in any form or fashion. I am simply borrowing them from
                                    CC & Co. for my own personal pleasure and treating them with
                                    the respect they deserve. They will be returned, safe and
                                    sound, as soon as I am finished. So don't sue, I'm filthy
                                    poor. However, the characters that have clearly never appeared
                                    on The X-Files are my creation. I would also like to let it be
                                    known that I am not an FBI agent, detective, doctor, serial
                                    killer or psychic. Therefore my knowledge is limited and
                                    anything I was not 100% sure about during the writing of this
                                    was speculation. Forgive me for skewed facts if you are any of
                                    the above professions -especially the killer <g>. My creative
                                    license allows for this sort of thing to an extent. MPAA owns
                                    the rating of R.                                                 
                                    Summary: An old friend and a new mystery. Young women are
                                    dying in NYC, but how? Badger and his partner are stumped so
                                    he contacts his friend from his university days, Fox(y)
                                    Mulder. Does a psychic hold the key or is he the reason? Is it
                                    murder or rescue? Will Scully fall victim and, if so, will
                                    Mulder be able to pull her back?
                                    Thank you: To my wonderful friend and beta reader, Sara Bowen.
                                    Her enthusiasm about this story helped more than she'll ever
                                    know and she always goes the extra mile for me when I need her
                                    to. Also to my friend Nell, who did amazing beta work for me
                                    as well. I'd also like to thank the World Wide Web for
                                    allowing me to search it continuously for information. As
                                    always, thank you to Gillian and David for really creating
                                    these beautiful characters that I just can't get enough of.
                                    And, of course, thank you for reading. 
                                    Author's Notes:
                                    I've been playing with an abstract vision of this storyline
                                    since last year, but it wasn't until we hit 2005 that it
                                    started going anywhere. Enjoy and I'm sure I'll have plenty
                                    more to say once you have finished.