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Author’s Notes:

I am such a sap. That being said . . .

Almost a year later and it’s finished. It really shouldn’t have taken me so long, but my muse went on hiatus more times than I should have allowed her to, therefore in the process inflicting some killer writer’s block. Plus, school did a number on my spare time this semester. But here we are, hallelujah. It somehow wound up being much shorter than I intended, too, which is a blessing and shame.

Killer dreams. Dream killers. An idea that has been done and redone, I know. The power of dreams has always fascinated me, however, and I really wanted to see Mulder and Scully facing something like this and I wanted to tell it my way. Though, the story took over at some point, so I can’t be held responsible for *everything* that happened.

I’d like to thank Sara, again, for being there with me since the beginning and being so excited about where I was taking our heroes. She’s one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had, even if I’ve never met her. <g> She also played a big part in constructing the (dun dun DUN!) fight scene. Thank you, Sara. You rock.

And another thank you to Nell for jumping on board half way through this story and offering another helping hand in the beta process. Thanks for the constructive criticism and your friendship.

To play it safe, I disclaim anything in this story that is obviously not mine–like name brands and stuff.

I can honestly see myself writing a sequel to this story, all because of Trish and The Badger. I don’t think that will be anytime soon, though, so until then . . .

I hope you loved this story and, more than that, I hope you’ll tell me if you loved it. Take care!