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Title: Epilogue

Author: KimK aka Knox

Rating: G

Spoiler: HBP

Pairing: Harry/Ginny

Summary: Ginny hasn’t had her say about the break-up.

Disclaimer: Not mine. The rating of G is credited to MPAA.

Thanks: Nell, for the beta. :)

Author’s Notes: I wanted a happier ending, so I made one up. Enjoy!


They passed over the familiar hill, the sun still shining as it seemed to ignore the dark times that lay ahead. The Hogwart’s Express was deafeningly quiet; even Ron and Hermione were avoiding any temptation to bicker. In fact, they had remained by each others’ side since they boarded the train, not saying much of anything.

His thoughts wandered to Ginny and how he’d just left her sitting there at the funeral. Somehow, he felt she wouldn’t let him have the last word. If he would be visiting the Burrow this summer for Fleur and Bill’s wedding, they would be spending a lot of time together. Not to mention, Hermione and Ron still didn’t know.

"Where’s Ginny?" Ron asked, as if having read Harry’s mind. "I saw her get on the train, but she followed Luna and Neville into another compartment." Hermione looked at Harry quizzically, obviously wondering the same thing.

Harry picked at some lent on his trousers. "We–-er–-we broke-up," he said with a sigh.

"What!?" both Ron and Hermione yelled. Hermione continued to stare at Harry, mouth hanging open, while Ron pressed for more information. "Why? Is she okay? Do I need to talk to her?"

"Please, Ron." Hermione turned to him, rolling her eyes in a way only she could. "The last person she wants to talk to about this is her brother. I should probably be the one to talk to her," she said matter-of-factly.

Ignoring her, Ron said, "You still haven’t told us why. I mean, you two obviously like each other." It almost seemed to make Ron physically ill to point this out to Harry. Ron may have given his blessing, but it had to be hard for any older brother for his sister to date his best mate. "She can’t have broken up with you, having waited so long for this to even happen between you two, so it must have been . . . Did you make her cry?" A flare of anger hit Ron’s face, his ears burning pink as the realization hit him.

Harry squeezed the bridge of his nose, momentarily pushing his glasses forward. He leaned forward, as if trying to make this private conversation even more so, and began to answer both of them calmly. "I don’t want to hurt her. Too many people have been hurt, have died, because of me and this ongoing battle with Voldemort. I can’t even face the idea of it being her. It already was almost her once, Ron." Glancing outside the window, Harry saw Hermione and Ron exchange looks in the reflection.

Ron cleared his throat. "Harry," he started, his tone friendly again and apologetic. "Well . . . just . . .thanks. If she were to be with anyone, I’m glad it was you, even if for a short time. I mean, when you’ve saved the world from, er, You-Know-Who, you two can get back together. Right? I mean this is only temporary. She’ll be safe when you beat him. Right?"

A mirthless smile passed fleetingly over Harry’s lips. At the moment, given everything that had happened in the last few days, everything he’d learned in the last year, Harry wasn’t sharing Ron’s optimism. For Harry, it was more of an "if" than a "when" when concerning his chances against Voldemort. There was no denying the revenge coursing through his veins; everything in him wanted to curse Voldemort with his greatest fear for everything, everyone, he’d taken from Harry: Death. Snape would follow close behind; Harry wouldn’t deny Voldemort loyal company.

"Right," Harry said.

Satisfied, Ron leaned back, but Hermione had turned her attention to the sliding compartment door.

"Um, Harry," she said quietly. Harry looked up to find Hermione pointing at the door. There, in her red-haired glory and with a determined expression etched on her face, was Ginny, clearly paying a visit to one person and one person alone. He saw her take a deep breath before she slid the door open.

"Harry, can I have a word with you?"

Taking this as their cue, Ron grabbed Hermione’s wrist and made for the exit. "Come on, Hermione, we should, um . . ." but his voice trailed off as they ran out. Harry was quite certain Ron never thought up where exactly they would go.

Ginny sat down beside Harry, her hands twisting around each other as she seemed to gather her thoughts. Harry just stared at her moment, wondering what else there was left to say.

"I’m not giving up on us, Harry," Ginny finally said, her voice strong with conviction.

"Ginny, I never said–"

"No, listen to me. I’ve thought about it. I know why you think we should end what we have now, I understand it and I’m grateful that you care about my safety. But if Ron and Hermione can go wherever you go, why can’t I? They’re in just as much danger as I am."

"How did you know they were going to–"

Ginny smirked and shook her head. "I’m not stupid, Harry. Everyone knows you three are inseparable and that they wouldn’t dream of letting you go at this alone, no matter the cost. Well, I’m with you, too. No matter the cost, I’m following you to the end. I know that you don’t fully expect to come back, that you expect to be destroyed in your battle with Voldemort. I’m not willing to let you leave me behind thinking that. I’m not willing to let you leave me behind, period." Ginny finished with a satisfied nod as if daring Harry to try and deny her.

He could feel blood rushing to his face, somewhat embarrassed by her insistance to stay with him–-not just in a relationship, but to give up everything to help him. Reaching over, he covered her hand with his own. "Ginny, you being there with me would mean the world to me. It’s just that . . . You may be willing to come with me, despite whatever may happen, but I don’t know if I have it in me to risk that much. I’ve lost most of the people I love, I can’t even bare the possibility of the next person being–"

Whoa. Had he almost said that he loved her? Was it even plausible that he would already love Ginny? He was quite sure now was not the time to think it over, as he was in desperate need of a cover up for what he was pretty sure he had almost said to her. However, Ginny either knew what he was about to say or had already been in the process of interrupting him, because she had already begun her retort.

"You don’t think I know that? It’s more than that, Harry. I made a promise almost two years ago. I promised you and, at the same Dumbledore, that I would be ready for whatever Voldemort had in him when I signed that piece of parchment to be in the D.A. I don’t break promises, not to you, not to Dumbledore, not to anyone. If it’s not me there with you, it will be Luna or Neville. I want it to be me. I want to be with you, Harry, and not just as a member of Dumbledore’s Army." Tears were streaming down her face, tears he had expected to see when he had first decided that what they had needed to end. These tears were wrought from more than sadness, though. By the look in her eyes, she seemed to be happy and angry too. Harry wasn’t sure where all of these emotions were coming from, all he knew was that, overall, the look he saw was passion.

She wasn’t letting him go.

Not really sure how else to respond, Harry kissed her. It was reminiscent of their first kiss in the Gryffindor common room, when he had been overjoyed and, more than anything, had been overcome with victory. Victory that maybe then they had not been able to share over the Quidditch Cup win, but maybe now a victory they would share when all of this done. When he had defeated Voldemort.

"You’re crazy," he said when he pulled away, smiling. "Or I am for letting you talk me into it. Well . . . sort of."

Ginny’s eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean, sort of?"

"I mean that you and I, together, isn’t something that we’ll be able to display as openly anymore. Just as I know his feelings, he knows mine. He’s going to be waiting for something like this to come up in my life, someone else he can use to break me. And since you just won’t take no for an answer," he cracked a smile, "we’ll just have to be careful. I fully intend for all four of us, or maybe all six of us-–depending on Luna and Neville--to come out of this alive."

A low voice being cleared beyond the door carried through the compartment. Hermione and Ron stood there, grinning the widest grins Harry had seen in weeks. They walked back in, hands behind their backs.

Sitting across from Harry and Ginny, they revealed four butterbeers. "We figured a celebration of sorts would be called to order when we got back," Ron said as he and Hermione gave Harry and Ginny each a bottle.

They popped open the bottles and raised them in the air in cheers.

"To Dumbledore," Ginny said.

"To Dumbledore!" They all repeated.

Harry still had his reservations about letting Ginny back into his life, but he couldn’t help but think that her being there made him stronger. That all of them being there with him made his life all the better; as if this was the beginning of a war they would all leave in triumph. That this old magic of love would keep them safe.


The End.

Author’s Notes:

Not the best title, I know, but it works. I was inspired to write this simply because Harry and Ginny breaking up didn’t bode well with me. I certainly understand why he decided that it would be best to end it, but I’m not convinced that Ginny would let him walk away like that. I’m sure Rowling will get these two kids back together in Book Seven, but this will tie, at least me, over until then. Their romance may have come out of nowhere, but it was still sweet and enjoyable.

It’s hard to say how much HP fanfiction I will write. For all I know this will be the only one. I love the relationship between Hermione and Ron (or the idea of one, at least), so who knows? I may venture into that territory someday.

Thank you for reading!


Harry Potter
Ginny hasn't had her say about the break-up.